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5 Ways to Fine Tune Your Leadership Skills

You know that you’re a good leader, but is there room for improvement? Could you be better at what you do? Grab a coffee, take a pit stop for some fine tuning and read on.

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Time Management?

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life…..Everything else is secondary” Charles Darwin ‘The Time Paradox’ presents research by Stanford University psychologists Philip Zimbardo and John Boyd which examines our perspective on time and the effects … Continue reading

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Do Leaders make Better Liars?

For the world weary and cynical, jaded by the economic meltdown of the last few years, the answer to this question might be a resounding ‘Yes’, but lets take a look at the evidence. Research by Dana Carney, assistant professor … Continue reading

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Can I? Will I? The Art of Self Efficacy

  You know that voice in your head?  The inner dialogue that asks you ‘Are you sure you can handle this?’ (You do? Phew, I was beginning to think it was just me….). Well groundbreaking new research into self talk … Continue reading

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Gratitude, Happiness and…..You

Psychology Professor Robert Emmons from the University of California in his book Thanks!: How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier documents the effects of gratitude on our daily lives. His research shows that: • People who regularly … Continue reading

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CVs, Job Ads and Applications…..It’s A Question of Style.

Do you ever wonder what your CV tells a prospective employer about you? Most of us do, we try to present ourselves in the best light possible, even if we have to be a little creative in the process. What about job adverts though? Could they be giving away more than they intend to about an organisation and its culture? Could there be golden nuggets or cryptic clues hidden among those drab ‘Wanted’ ads just waiting to give your CV or application form the competitive edge that you’re after? Continue reading

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