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3 Ways to stop your CV disappearing into the ‘Junk’ folder

1. CV Scrabble Think about the job you’re applying for, what does the organisation really need? The days of employers sitting cosily around a table and hand sifting your CV are quickly disappearing. With huge volumes of applicants for every … Continue reading

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Dressing to impress?

Is what you wear to work important? Do you even care? For some of us the idea of ‘dressing to impress’ is an anathema “Why should what I wear to work matter? My work speaks for itself” you respond aghast. For others, perhaps begrudgingly, we acknowledge that there might be something in first impressions so we dress accordingly, or at least make the effort to ensure that we don’t look as though we’ve just fallen out of bed.

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What does your online profile say about you?

Your online profile is your representation of who you are and what you do, your cyber calling card, often the first impression that others, including potential employers and clients have of you, but how accurate is it and what does it convey?

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