3 Ways to stop your CV disappearing into the ‘Junk’ folder

1. CV Scrabble

Think about the job you’re applying for, what does the organisation really need? The days of employers sitting cosily around a table and hand sifting your CV are quickly disappearing. With huge volumes of applicants for every post, the chances are that at some point, your CV will be sorted by an electronic filter. The filter will separate CVs based upon their content and whether the CV matches what your potential employer is looking for. So how do you make friends with the filter? Include as many keywords as you can find from the person specification and job specification in your CV and if you can include a few more that show you are bang up to date with industry trends all the better. Think of it as ‘Scrabble’ for your CV making the filter your new best friend.

2. You’re not ‘On Sale’

Another potential hurdle that your CV will need to clear is the dreaded ‘spam’ filter. Spam will go straight into the ‘Junk’ folder, languishing unnoticed, possibly forever. Avoid words or phrases that trigger spam filters. Think of all those annoying offers you receive by email with words such as ‘Free’, ‘Buy’, ‘Discount’, ‘Offer’ and steer clear of phrases typically used to try and flog you rubbish that you don’t want to buy. Coloured backgrounds, photographs and emailing hundreds of people at the same time will also have the same effect and trigger spam filters catapulting your CV into ‘Junk’ file oblivion. Choose your words carefully. Whilst you may well be the ‘Offer of the week’ you’re certainly not ‘Discounted stock’ ready for the trash can.

3. Let’s get Strategic

So now your CV is perfect (well done, you’ve worked hard to avoid ‘sales’ speak and make sure you sound like the perfect match for the job with your keywords). Now you’re going to play your ace card by being strategic. At the footer of your CV in white font (in the smallest font size you have) list every single word in the person and job specification that you can find. Invisible to the eye on paper and in email but music to the filter’s ears, your secret weapon will ensure that your CV sails smoothly through every filter out there, placing you firmly ahead in the CV race.

Sit back and wait for your interview, you’ve earned it.


About Zen and the art of living in Paris

It's been on my bucket list for the last 20 years and this year is the one that I finally get to live in Paris. I'll be living, writing and just 'being' by carving out my own corner of zen in Monmartre. I've been visiting Rue Ordener for as long as I can remember. Like all great gurus, they choose you, you don't choose them. Rue Ordener found me, I didn't go looking.
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2 Responses to 3 Ways to stop your CV disappearing into the ‘Junk’ folder

  1. Darren Poke says:

    Interesting points regarding electronic filters for CV’s. I hadn’t thought about that before.

    Thanks for posting.



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