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Is your organisation managing change successfully?

With public sector departments currently undergoing large scale change, one of the biggest complaints we hear from participants on our ‘Redundancy Workshops’ is around lack of communication. Whether staff are leaving or remaining with an organization the impact of change managed poorly can create anxiety, frustration and ultimately lead to demotivated teams. ‘What’s going on?’ becomes a common question. Continue reading

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Strike a pose?

Feeling the jitters before a big interview? Crippled by a churning stomach prior to a presentation? Harvard Business School Professor Amy J C Cuddy suggests you can control your feelings of fear with just a few simple steps.

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Wondering if you’re experiencing age bias in your job search?

You’ve got the experience. Your CV is looking good and you know your field like the back of your hand, but something’s not right. You’re not getting interviews for the jobs you’re going for even though you know you should be. You have a sneaking suspicion that it might be ….. your age. Here’s how to turn the tables on the ageists and overcome age bias in your job search.

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Redundancy? The next step could be your best yet…

Mention the ‘R’ word and the reaction from most people is ‘Game over’ in the current economic climate. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Whilst the thought of redundancy is never pleasant it can be a doorway to the life of self fulfilment that you have always dreamed of and the job that gets your pulse pumping for all the right reasons on Monday mornings.

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What Are Employers Looking For?

You think that you know what the average employer is looking for? Qualifications, right? Surprisingly research suggests that even though qualifications might get you a foot in the door (usually in the shape of an interview, if you’re lucky) there’s more than meets the eye to the selection process than most of us think. That’s good news for you if you’re currently looking for a job, in the process of being made redundant or a graduate wondering what your next move should be. Let’s take a look at the research and how you can use it to your advantage.

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